Security seals

When transporting different goods and deliveries, it is not only essential to be fast and keep the valuables unharmed, but also to ensure their intactness. The solution is the application of security seals. There are plastic seals, plastic seals with inserted metal locking mechanism and also metal seals, furthermore unique solutions, like the tote box or zipper bag seals, depending on the dimensions and packability of the delivery.

With serial numbering and other unique markings (logo, inscription, barcode, different colours) the seals are traceable and easily indicate unauthorized access. When choosing the right type of seal, it is important to consider the field of application, the type of the storage unit which you would like to seal, and the level of security you expect from the seal. The most widespread are the plastic seals, thanks to their good price/value ratio and user-friendly design. All of our security seals bear unique, continuous and sequential serial numbering.

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