The history of security seals

The need in human societies to store and forward essential crops and valuables arose from the very beginning.

After the appearance of private property, the primary goal- to store the crops vital to the subsistence of the community without the deterioration of their edibility- was quickly interchanged with the demand for safely storing valuables, marketable goods (salt, spices), and later money without shortage.

To ensure the authenticity and intactness of these valuables different types of sealed storage units were utilised available on the technical level of their age.

Seal ring from the archaic Egypt

Though these security devices were modified through the times, the goal of their application is still the same in our days: to guarantee that the owner of the valuables has the original content after storage/transport without the goods having been tampered.

A sealed letter getting into wrong hands could decide over the life and death of thousands, and the fate of wars already a few hundred years ago.

The value and significance of securing information with the progress of time only grew, to our days, furthermore, it became invaluable.

Our special products provide help to ensure this safety and authenticity.

The usage of security seals and bags as well as special security labels and tapes for the transport of money and valuables provides clear indication of any illegitimate attempt to manipulate the stored or transported valuables, be they wares, documents, or money.

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