It is not actually us to be your forwarder
    - however we can help that the adressee receives the original content.


    You will not buy your forklift truck from us
    - we ensure though that your warehouse stock remains untampered.


    We do not manufacture lorries
    - but we help you to keep your shipment safe and secure.


    It is not us to transport your valuables
    - however we provide solutions to detect unauthorized access.

Security seals, -bags, -labels, cash logistics products

Adeptum Ltd. offers security solutions such as seals, security bags, special labels and tapes for a wide range of business and industrial applications.

The application of security solutions within our product range aims to reduce or eliminate losses due to unauthorized access and/or tampering. We are glad to assist you in choosing the right security solution matching your individual system.

link Thanks to our significant supplies of security products most of our standard items are available from stock. Customized products can also be kept on stock if required.
link Our facility in Budapest provides stable and continuous supply - deliveries can be made even within 24-72 hours.
link Our experts are ready to take your call immediately and answer your enquiry as soon as possible - with many security items being available within 24-72 hours.
Our business operations are ISO 9001 certified.