• courier services
  • parcel forwarding
  • banks
  • office centers
  • hospitals


  • permanent adhesive closure with „hot-melt” tape
  • tear resistant double welding or cut welding
  • writable white surface (optional)
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturing technology


  • protection against severe weather conditions - also provides protection against dangerous, corrosive liquids
  • user friendly - the outer material of the bag is writable (with a pen or marker)
  • made of reinforced polyethylene material, which offers increased resistance against environmental impacts (tearing, punctuation)
  • very lightweight, thus decreasing postal costs
  • special designs (optional)


  • 195 x 265 + 40 mm
  • 265 x 400 + 40 mm
  • 380 x 470 + 40 mm
  • tailor-made sizes: between 100 x 140 mm and 700 x 750 mm sizes (bound to a size-dependent minimum order quantity)


  • LDPE, low density, environmentally friendly polyethylene
  • material thickness: 50/60 micron (depending on size)


Depending on order volume we may provide you bags with tailor-made graphics and inscriptions on the surface of the bag with up to 6 different colours (bound to a size-dependent minimum order quantity).


  • standard version: white
  • customized sizes and design available upon request with a MOQ


  • 500 pcs / carton
link Thanks to our significant supplies of security products most of our standard items are available from stock. Customized products can also be kept on stock if required.
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Our business operations are ISO 9001 certified.